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Gradmor’s cost of turnover analysis provides you data-driven financial insights into how turnover impacts your organization.

 Identify how turnover impacts your financial outcomes.
 Understand turnover trends to drive organizational change.
Uncover where turnover is creating financial risk.
 Predict future turnover costs.

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The leader in People Financial Intelligence.

Gradmor’s cost of turnover analysis has helped organizations uncover millions in costs and provided teams the necessary steps and tools to significantly reduce turnover.


Average Financial Risk Uncovered


Average Increase in Financial Value

Gradmor Cost of Turnover Analysis


Compare yearly, quarterly and monthly turnover costs to understand trends and measure their financial impact.


Understand turnover costs by department, location, hiring date, experience level or more.


Predict how increases or reductions in turnover costs impact future financial performance.

“Gradmor’s cost of turnover analysis uncovered over $3 million dollars in financial loss due to employee turnover. Their insight helped us understand exactly how much turnover was hurting our bottom line and helped us make necessary changes to improve our business.”

– Craig Herforth

President, PHIR Technologies