Maximize Your Customer Success Team’s Performance Potential

Optimize customer success with the right insights and feedback to help your team and clients succeed.

Talent Intelligence Solutions For Customer Success


Identify New Areas For Performance Improvement

By using a combination of first-party data and behavioral science — onboard, coach and train your customer success team with personalized recommendations so they can achieve their highest performance potential.  
reduce hiring mistakes

Assess Customer Success Candidates Based on Science

See beyond the human eye with machine learning technology integrated with behavioral science to better assess customer success candidates. We more accurately assess whether they have the potential to become a high performer by combining performance data with behavioral traits and tendencies. 

Spot At Risk Customer Success Reps Before Turnover Occurs

Get ahead of customer success turnover by knowing when a team member is at risk of leaving. Understand what factors lead to customer success turnover and take action to increase retention on your team.


How Gradmor Helped Improve Customer Success Performance

Learn how Gradmor’s Talent Intelligence helps Pulse Advertising improve their customer success performance.

Discover how Gradmor can help you get better customer success results.

Learn how our Talent Intelligence solutions can help you unlock your customer success team’s potential.