How To Reduce Sales Hiring Mistakes With Behavioral Performance Reports


Sales Hiring Challenges

One of the most common challenges that sales leaders face is hiring sales reps who can consistently exceed their quota. Despite using a variety of different hiring techniques and methods, most organizations struggle to consistently hire sales reps that exceed their performance expectations. This is due to sales hiring mistakes that occur during the recruiting and interview process, which often lead to worse than expected performance from sellers that you hire. We see someone who has achieved top performance at another organization and assume they will perform just as well in their organization, but that is not always the case. In order to reduce sales hiring mistakes and hire more top performers, you need to use Hiring Behavioral Performance Reports.

What Are Behavioral Performance Reports?

Behavioral Performance Reports combines behavioral assessments with your sales performance metrics to help you understand the behavioral makeup of your top, middle and bottom performers. The purpose of this report is to give you insight into what behaviors lead to better performance outcomes on your sales team. You can use this data during the sales hiring process to ensure that the candidates you want to hire stack up with your top performers.

Below we provide some examples of the type of performance insights that you can generate using Hiring Behavioral Performance Reports with our analytics platform.

Sales Hiring Insight #1. Understand What Behavioral Profiles Lead To More Revenue

One sales hiring insight that Behavioral Performance Reports provides is by helping you understand what behavioral profiles lead to more revenue on your sales team. This provides a high-level overview of how behavior profiles impact your revenue numbers by ranking them based on the average revenue per/sales rep.

In the below example, you can see the comparison between behavioral profiles and revenue data from a sales team. In the graph below, you’ll notice that Captain, Persuader and Individualist profiles are generating significantly more revenue than the average behavioral profile. Additionally, you’ll notice that the bottom three profiles (Altruist, Operator, Collaborator) are producing significantly less revenue than the average behavioral profile. Using this insight, you will now know that hiring more sales reps with those top 3 profiles instead of the bottom 3 should yield better revenue results in the future.

Sales Hiring Insight #2. Know How Certain Behavioral Traits Lead To More Revenue

Similar to behavioral profiles, the Behavioral Performance Reports also provide deeper sale hiring insight into how certain behavioral traits impact revenue. By correlating behavioral traits with their performance category (ex. top performer vs bottom performer), you will understand how certain behavior traits correlate with more revenue. This provides deeper insights beyond the behavioral profiles as you’ll have a better understanding of what behavioral traits lead to more revenue on your sales team.

In the below example, you can see how top performers’ behavioral traits differ from bottom performers at this organization. You’ll notice that top performers at this organization possess higher As (more independence) while bottom performers possess lower As (more collaborative). Additionally, you’ll notice that top performers possess lower Ds (more flexibility), while bottom performers possess higher Ds (more precision). This can then be used in the hiring process, as you’ll be able to know exactly what behaviors drive revenue on your team.

Sales Hiring Insight #3. Correlate Behavioral Trait Combinations With Performance

Another way our Behavioral Performance Reports combine behavioral traits and performance data is by looking for a combination of behavioral patterns as indicators of top performance or underperformance. This can provide a deeper understanding of what combination of behavior traits work best for your sales reps so you can prevent sales hiring mistakes.

As an example, the below graph shows how all bottom performing Account Executives have a similar combination of behavioral traits (low Cs and high Ds). This means that if an Account Executive likes more variety and is more precise, they are likely to underperform. This can then be used during the hiring process to screen out candidates that have this exact profile so you don’t make a mistake in hiring them.

Sales Hiring Insight #4. Compare New Candidates With Behavioral Performance Results

Another sales hiring insight that can help you reduce sales hiring mistakes with Behavioral Performance Reports is by comparing new candidates behavioral traits with top performer behavioral traits. The reports make it easier for you to determine whether someone is going to be a behavioral fit.

As an example, the below graph shows how two potential sales candidates measure up to the behavior traits of your Top 50% performers. The first candidate, Miriam, has an almost identical profile to your top performers. This means that she has the right makeup of a top Account Executive performer at your organization. However, Kathleen almost has the complete opposite. This means that despite her doing well in the interview process, her behavioral traits don’t align with the performance of top performers on your sales team.

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