Complete Financial Visibility Into Human Capital

Our solutions are backed by our PFI methodology and expertise that helps you assess how human capital impacts financial performance

Analysis & Due Diligence

Our analysis and due diligence provides an in-depth look into how human capital is currently impacting financial performance. It assesses areas of financial risk and provide insight into areas where you can create more financial value.

Scenarios & Planning


Our scenarios helps you better understand how changes to human capital will create more financial value. We provide insight that helps you make better financial decisions when planning and roadmapping for future business growth.

Reporting & Metrics

Our reporting includes specific human capital financial metrics that we implement, track and measure. The insights we provide helps you monitor how human capital is impacting financial performance in real-time.


How Gradmor Helped Increase Revenue By 22%

Learn how Gradmor helped an organization increase their revenue by 22% with our People Financial Intelligence solutions.

People Financial Insights For Better Business Results 

Financial Institutions

From providing due diligence for potential investments to improving operation performance of new acquisitions, we provide insights into any potential financial risks caused by human capital.

Consulting Firms

We help management consultants evaluate the impact that business changes, from organizational transformation to business strategy optimizations, have on human capital financially.

Growth Businesses

We help startups and other high-growth businesses evaluate what they need to do to ensure their human capital strategy is aligned with their financial goals for their next stage of growth.

Global Enterprises

We help financial leaders at large corporations understand how human capital is impacting their financial goals. It helps them make more accurate projections and budget decisions around human capital.

Discover how our People Financial Intelligence can help assess human capital financial impact.

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