What We Do

Our solutions are back by our proprietary PFI methodology that is proven to drive better financial results.

Assessments & Due Diligence

Our assessments and due diligence provide an in-depth look into where the organization can improve to accelerate business growth with human capital. It assesses areas of financial risk and helps spot value creation opportunities.

Strategy & Planning


PFI helps you when creating new business strategies and planning for the next stage of growth. It helps you better understand how changes to human capital will create more financial value when planning and roadmapping for the future.

Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics and reporting includes specific human capital financial metrics that we implement, track and measure. The insights we provide helps you execute and monitor your human capital so you stay on track to hit your financial goals.


How Gradmor Helped Increase Revenue By 22%

Learn how Gradmor helped an organization increase their revenue by 22% with our People Financial Intelligence solutions.

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