Total Financial Visibility For Better People Performance

Our People Financial Intelligence gives you complete financial visibility to help you make better people decisions as you grow.

People Financial Intelligence Solutions 

Financial People Analytics

Our analytics gives you groundbreaking insights around your people data with our combination of financial, predictive and prescriptive data analysis techniques and models.

Implement & Track New Metrics


We track and measure new people financial metrics that give you greater financial insight and visibility around your people operations and strategies.

Analysis & Reporting 

We conduct ad-hoc analysis and provide monthly or quarterly reporting that includes data visualizations and written insights.

Data Contextualization & Research

We help consolidate and contextualize your data and use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide more context around your results.

Solutions & ROI Modeling

We provide solutions and ROI modeling to help you make better budgeting decisions on new technology, resources and initiatives.

What Are The Results?

Our People Financial Intelligence solutions makes a big impact. On average, our clients see a 3x ROI.


How Gradmor Helped Increase Revenue By 22%

Learn how Gradmor helped an organization increase their revenue by 22% with our People Financial Intelligence solutions.

People Financial Insights For Key Stakeholders

People Leaders

Our insights provide CPOs the financial information they need to measure the ROI of their people strategies, report to key stakeholders on financial impact and get buy-in from leadership on new technology and initiatives.

Operations Leaders

Our insights help COOs analyze and improve systems and processes by evaluating company performance to optimize efficiencies, develop actionable strategies and achieve growth targets. 

Financial Leaders

Our insights help CFOs gain more financial visibility with new KPIs and analysis to accurately allocate people budgets, forecasts and projections in alignment with company financial goals.

Revenue Leaders

Our insights help CROs make better decisions around their revenue growth strategy by helping them understand how their hiring, on-boarding and enablement efforts impact revenue growth.

Discover how we can help you accelerate growth with People Financial Intelligence.

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