Optimize Employee Performance For Better Revenue Outcomes

Employee Performance Intelligence gives you the insights you need to build high-performing revenue teams.


Inconsistent individual performance on revenue teams.

One of the biggest challenges revenue teams face is performance gaps — the difference in revenue generated between top, middle and bottom performers on your team. This problem persists due to data challenges that revenue teams face when evaluating potential hires and helping current employees improve performance.

The result? Lost revenue. Employee turnover. Hiring mistakes. Unfulfilled employee potential.


Employee Performance Intelligence to close performance gaps.

Gradmor’s EPI uses its own set of statistical analysis, metrics and grading system to help revenue teams better evaluate potential hires and improve the performance of current employees. Whether your looking to reduce hiring mistakes or want to foster a culture of continuous improvement, we help you optimize your employee performance for better revenue results.

The benefit? Increased revenue. Smarter hiring decisions. Improved employee retention. Decrease underperformance. More top performers.

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