Optimize Employee Performance For Better Revenue Outcomes

Employee Performance Intelligence gives you the revenue insights to build high-performing teams.


Inconsistent employee performance on revenue teams.

One of the biggest challenges revenue teams face is performance gaps — the difference in revenue generated between top, middle and bottom performers on your team. Despite organizations having access to more technology than ever before, performance gaps still persist due to missing data, limitations in data optimization and lack of visibility into key drivers of performance factors.

The result? Loss revenue opportunities. Employee turnover. Hiring mishaps. Unfulfilled employee potential.


Employee Performance Intelligence to close performance gaps.

With Employee Performance Intelligence, we integrate, analyze and automate data from multiple sources and systems to generate revenue insights that help you close performance gaps. Whether its knowing what performance factors differentiate sales reps or generating insight to help develop top performers, we help you optimize your employee performance for better revenue results.

The benefit? Increased revenue. Smarter hiring decisions. Improved employee retention. Decrease underperformance. More top performers.

How Employee Performance Intelligence Works

1. Integrate Data

Data is collected and cleansed from your software platforms and systems.

2. Build Reports

Reports are created to determine key trends and correlations with revenue.

3. Gain Insights

Revenue insights are delivered with data visualizations on an ongoing basis.

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