A Better Way To Drive Revenue Growth

Whether you preparing for your next stage of business growth or starting a new era of expansion, PFI provides complete visibility into human capital.


Traditional methods view human capital as a cost center instead of a revenue driver.

The biggest and most important investment businesses make is in people, yet knowing how to turn your human capital strategy into a driver of financial growth is difficult and complex. Because of the limitations of traditional financial reporting and workforce analytics, most rely on either gut instinct, non-financial people data or financial modeling to make human capital decisions. This leads to missed opportunities to drive revenue growth when scaling your business.

The result? Increased financial risk. Missed revenue growth opportunities. Capital inefficiencies. Unexpected operational setbacks.


Human capital financial analytics for more profitable, scalable and sustainable business growth.

With our proprietary People Financial Intelligence (PFI) methodology, our analytics give you insight into where you can drive financial growth with human capital. From conducting due diligence for potential investments to assessing human capital for the next stage of business growth, we take the unpredictability out of human capital when you make critical business decisions.

The benefit? Faster than expected revenue growth, improved capital efficiency, increased profitability and better return on investments.

People Financial Insights For Better Business Outcomes

Financial Institutions

From providing due diligence for potential investments to improving operating performance for portfolio companies, we highlight areas of financial risk and uncover value creation opportunities.

Consulting Firms

We help management consultants demonstrate how business changes to human capital, from organizational transformation to strategy optimizations, will provide financial benefits for their clients.

Growth Businesses

We help startups and other high-growth businesses determine where they need to improve in human capital to maximize revenue in their next stage of business growth.

Global Enterprises

We help global enterprises drive revenue growth by optimizing different part of their human capital functions. It helps them make better financial decisions in human capital.

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