A Better Way To Drive Financial Growth

Whether you preparing for your next stage of business expansion or already in growth mode, PFI turns your workforce into a financial juggernaut.


Limited financial insight into how your workforce strategy drives better financial performance.

The biggest and most important investment businesses make is in people, yet knowing how your workforce can drive financial growth is challenging. Due to the limited visibility of people analytics and traditional financial reporting, it is impossible to predict, measure and understand the role that people strategy has on your bottom line. This leads to poor decisions, unexpected consequences and missed opportunities for business optimization.

The result? Missed revenue goals. Lost productivity. Capital inefficiencies. Operational challenges.


People Financial Intelligence for more profitable, scalable and sustainable business growth.

With our People Financial Intelligence (PFI) methodology, we take a financial approach to workforce optimization so it drives better financial outcomes. Whether it’s knowing the financial risks of a slow sales rep hiring process or predicting how employee turnover costs hurt future revenue growth, we help you optimize your most critical business components for financial growth.

The benefit? Faster than expected revenue growth, improved capital efficiency, increased profitability and better return on investments.

Understand What PFI Can Do For You

Financial Leaders

Forecast and allocate your people budgets more efficiently and effectively.

People Leaders

Provide more comprehensive reporting into how people strategies are impacting financial performance.

Sales Leaders

Gain insight into where you can optimize your sales rep talent, retention and enablement strategies.

Revenue Leaders

Determine what factors for revenue generating teams can be optimized to drive business growth.

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