Employee Performance Analytics For Revenue Teams

From sales to customer success teams, EPI gives you revenue insights to hire, develop and retain more high-performers.

Employee Performance Revenue REports

Understand what factors lead to better revenue performance

Our performance analysis reports takes an in-depth look into what factors drives better employee performance on your team. We integrate data from multiple sources that highlights the most important indicators of success and correlate it back to your KPIs.

Employee Development Revenue Reports

Coach and develop employees so they improve revenue results

The employee development reports provide you a complete picture into the reasons behind employee performance. It helps managers coach and develop employees by giving them insight into what their employees can do to achieve better results.

Performance Gap Revenue reports

See how differences in employee performance impacts revenue  

Understand where you have performance gaps and how it impacts your bottom line. Get insight into which teams and positions have the biggest revenue growth opportunities and where you can drive the most value.


How Gradmor Helps Revenue Teams Hire, Develop and Retain Top Performers

Learn how Gradmor helped a sales team increase revenue by 11% with our Employee Performance Intelligence solutions.

EPI Helps Revenue Teams Achieve Optimal Results


Hire, train and develop sales reps more successfully while reducing under performance.

Customer Success

Understand why certain employees have lower churn rates, higher NPS scores and better upselling results.

Recruiting Agencies

Evaluate what drives top performing recruiters to bill more revenue and what you can do to improve results.

Account Management

See what you can do to drive Account Manager performance that leads to better revenue results.

Discover how EPI can lead to better business results.

Learn how our Employee Performance Intelligence solutions can help you drive revenue growth.