Financial Intelligence For People Operations

Gradmor helps drive revenue growth by providing financial intelligence around your people.

As You Grow, So Should Your Financial Capabilities 

Understand How Your People Impact Revenue

Know how every part of your people strategy from talent acquisition to performance impacts your revenue.

Scale While Eliminating Financial Risk

Mitigate your financial risk as you grow by building more scalable and sustainable teams.

Optimize Your People Finances

Get more out of your people budget by getting insight into areas where you can make optimizations that drive revenue growth.

How you invest in your people is critical to your company growth and business success.

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We Provide Financial Insight Around Critical People Decisions

Workforce Planning

How workforce planning and forecasting effects your operational efficiencies.

Talent Acquisition

How your hiring process, quality and speed  can eliminate financial risk.

Talent Management

How employee engagement, retention and training can impact sustainable growth.

Performance Management

How productivity, performance, enablement and workflow tools drive revenue.

The Financial Impact of COVID-19 On Our Workforce


Learn how COVID-19 is redefining financial efficiencies for growing teams as shifts are made to our workforce.

See How Organizations Gain A Competitive Advantage With Gradmor

A SaaS Company made an additional $1.2 million in ARR by improving employee retention.

A manufacturer increased order capacity by 30% with operational efficiencies.

A staffing agency saved $750k by improving employee engagement.

An eCommerce company grew 20% in one year with productivity enhancements.

A software company added $500k by implementing new performance management solutions.

A production facility made $1 million in revenue with talent acquisition optimizations.